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Analytical Grammar, Inc.

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WordBuild by Dynamic Literacy is the finest late grammar school through middle school level vocabulary program available!

It begins by familiarizing students with common elements (e.g. Greek and Latin roots) and then encourages students to explore how the elements manifest themselves in a whole collection of English words.

The program is very affordable and is available as a paper, teacher-led currciulum or as an online, independent learning resource. WordBuild is an outstanding follow on to Sequential Spelling which will cement your student's knowledge of English vocabulary.

It takes a fully fleshed out set of curricula to successfully home educate.  The question is, if you are not going to buy a prepackaged solution, where do you go?

We'd like to help with that!  We have been in the home education community for sixteen years now and we have seen curricula come and go.  The great ones have endured.  These are the ones we recommend:

Language Arts

Sequential Spelling

Analytical Grammar is the finest grammar curriculum in home education and, in our opinion, the best available anywhere!

Instruction is fully scheduled over a maximum of three years.  The authors, Robin Finley and her daughter Erin Karl, are highly experienced grammar teachers who know there is more to education than just grammar.  The program is explicitly scheduled out to allow the maximum compatibility with other instructional demands.

Topics covered range from part of speech through  diagramming and essay writing (This unit is called Beyond the Book Report).  There is a companion curriculum for high- school students called The Eternal Argument which is a literary  criticism unit.

There is both a late grammar school age introductory version as well as the standard middle school age version.  It is an outstanding follow on to the basic grammar learned in Sequential Spelling. The curriculum is priced affordably and is available for purchase online.