All inquiries and submissions must be sent to: by December 15, 2017
Be sure to put "PRODUCT WRITER" in the subject line.


Are you creative? 

Do you like writing short stories, civics, historical or scientific passages for children? 

Would you like to earn some money on the side without disrupting your home education?

​Sequential Spelling needs a great writer, or team of writers to create reading comprehension short passages and questions for a new product we will be adding to Sequential Spelling.

You would have almost complete creative control.  We would tell you ten words that need to be in each short piece (we will be tying vocabulary lessons to this product) and each piece would need to be age and culturally appropriate to a mostly American home educating community.  Other than those restrictions, you or you and your team, would be free to create!

Length would be:
        1) level one (ages 6-8 generally) would be 200 words. (7,200 words)
        2) level two (ages 7-9 generally) would be 300 words. (10,800 words)
        3) level three (ages 8-10 generally) would be 400 words. (14,400 words)
        4) level four (ages 9-11 generally) would be 500 words. (18,000 words)
        5) level five (ages 10-12 generally) would be 1,000 words. (36,000 words)

Each level requires 36 such passages.  Each passage must be accompanied by 10 reading comprehension questions appropriate to age level (i.e. younger levels would focus more on direct comprehension of content, while older levels would begin to focus some of the questions on critical analysis of the passage).  We can provide the sentences used in Sequential Spelling Online as inspirational material, if desired.

Total words would be 86,400.  Total questions 1,800.


​​If you are interested, please share your qualifications (in the form of a resume or c.v. if available) and your quotation of cost to complete the project, beginning January 1, 2018 and completing by May 15, 2018.

Sequential Spelling