Sequential Spelling
Getting Started

Getting Started is EASY!

STEP 1 - Create an Instructor Account:

First, you will need a Sequential Spelling Instructor/Parent Account. This account is what you will use to create your student accounts. You can log in to this account to manage your student accounts, assign Spelling or Grammar Levels, and view student progress and gradebook.

STEP 2 - Create Student Account(s):

Once you have created your Instructor/Parent Account, you will need to create an account for each student. It will include the creation of a student username and password that each student will use to log in and complete their work.

STEP 3 - Assign Work:

The third and final step is to log in using your Instructor/Parent Account, and assign Spelling or Grammar Levels to each student. Each spelling level allows a free 5-day trial, which can be converted to a full level after the trial expires. Each Grammar level is completely free.

I'm Ready to Create My Instructor Account!

Pricing for Sequential Spelling Credits:

Each credit will unlock one level of Sequential Spelling Online for one Student. Prices are as follows:

$19.95 1 Credit
$79.95 5 Credits
$99.95 10 Credits

I'm Ready to Create My Instructor Account!