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Sequential Spelling Online provides all the same instruction the paper curriculum does and more! Each level has 180 lessons of 25 words each (except the first nine days of Level One which are shorter to enable the student to adapt to the program) for 4,500 words per level (4,380 in level one). Please see the descriptions of the printed levels for more specifics. The online system has all of the same words in the same wordlists presented in the same order and timeframe as the printed version.

The product speaks the words and gives a sentence providing both context and proper usage. The voice is recorded human speech with a Midwestern American accent. Words with separate British spellings are called out beginning in Level Three and the student is expected to learn both versions of the spelling. The cultural context is, however, American. Topics of sentences include history, sport, civics, science, culture, and domestic life. The program is not explicitly faith-based but does touch on religion (including Christian, Jewish, and Muslim references where appropriate) when words have specific religious origins.

Each day also includes a pdf of a writing or fun exercise which can be downloaded, printed and either handwritten or keyed (into a word processing program like MS Word). This way, not only is keyboarding skill developed, but handwriting work is also possible. Just go to the gradebook and download the day's lesson once your student has completed the online portion of their work.

Unlike the printed version, the online version also now includes the Grammar Module. Each week, there is a structured grammar lesson on all the most important elements of basic grammar (see the Grammar Module Product Desccription).

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